Moab 2005
Following are my photos from the annual spring vacation, once again in Moab, Utah.

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Condo View
Once again, our journey begins at Bob's condo in Dillon, Colorado.
This year the lake is entirely frozen and snow-covered.
Colorado Weather Colorado Weather There was still plenty of
snow in the mountains at
the higher elevations.
Colorado Weather
But it cleared up quickly as we made our descent
down the Western Slope of the Rockies.
Leaving Colorado Welcome to Utah
Leaving Colorado... and entering Utah.
Castle Valley Looking through Castle Valley at the La Sal Mountains
as we drive along the Colorado River.
Priest and Nuns On the right hand side of the rock formation in the
center of this photo is a grouping of rocks known as
"Priest and Nuns."
Sorrel River Ranch On a sunny day this part of the drive always offers an
over-saturation of bright colors: red rock, green grass,
and blue sky. This is at the end of Castle Valley, a few
miles from the town of Moab.
La Sal Mountains This is one of the views from our first bike ride of the
weekend. This is the La Sal Mountains as seen from the
Slick Rock Practice Loop.
Sunset This is the sunset at the end of our first day, as seen from
our campsite on Sand Flats Road.
Slick Rock 1 Day 2 of riding. Charlie watches as Willie carefully makes
his way down a section of the Slick Rock bike trail. The
weather is a little overcast which is great for this trail.
Those red rocks get awfully hot under a sunny clear sky.
Slick Rock 2
Charlie decides to walk this section. Sometimes it's better to
not ride part of the trail, rather than risk getting hurt and not
being able to ride the rest of the season.
Slick Rock 3
Brad demonstrates to the group how it's done. Those rocks
look much steeper when you're sitting on a bicycle at the top
of a slope. If your weight isn't balanced far enough back on
your bike, you'll surely go end-over the handlebars. That rock
we're riding on never makes for a soft landing.
Group Photo We found another person on the trail to take this photo of
our entire group riding the Slick Rock Trail.
Desert Flora There has been much moisture in Utah recently. The
wildflowers were in full bloom everywhere.
Slick Rock View
This was a series of 20 photos that were "sewn" together to create this 360 degree panoramic
view from the Slick Rock trail. The full-size image is huge, it may take some time to load.
Shrimp Rock The view of the Colorado River valley from near Shrimp
Rock on the Slick Rock bike trail.
I'll save you! John fell into a big hole in the rock, and I had to react
quickly to save him.
I'll save you!
When Willie shows up, he reveals the lightness of the
4-Wheelin' I talked John into driving me, Kelly, and Fletch on a short
4-Wheeling adventure. We sat at the top of this hill for at
least 5 minutes trying to determine if it was really safe to
drive down without rolling over.
Finally we decide to give it a shot. No Problem!
4-Wheelin' A few minutes later, this 14-seat monster truck shows up.
And demonstrates just how easy it is.
4-Wheelin' One more tricky section. Hold on tight!
Luckily we have no problem making it down.
La Sals at Sunset
Looking east toward the La Sals at sunset, from just uphill from our campsite.
Sunset The view looking to the west.
Our group at senset Willie, me, Ray, Brad, and Bob with the sunset
in the background.
Our group at senset
Skip, Rachel, Kelly, John, John, and Rochelle.
Our group at senset
John, Kelly, Brad, John, and Rochelle.
View from Porcupine Rim
Day 3: This is another series of photos "sewn" together to show the panoramic
view from the top of Porcupine Rim.
Porcupine Rim Here's me, standing as close to the edge of
Porcupine Rim as possible.
Porcupine Rim Trail This photo gives a better idea of just how rough and rocky the
Porcupine Rim Trail can get.
Colorado River valley The view of the Colorado River valley from the Porcupine Rim Trail.
Moonrise in Arches Moonrise at Delicate Arch, in Arches National Park. That's
Brad's silhouette on top of the tall rock on the left. In the
lower-left corner, someone else is simultaneously taking a
flash photo.
Fisher Towers Fisher Towers, in Castle Valley. We're on the the long drive
home, back the same we we came.
Gay Johnson's Gay Johnson's gas station, back in Colorado.
Welcome Home Usually when we get back to Colorado after our spring trip,
it's the dawning of Summer. Looks like Mother Nature has
other plans.