Monarch Crest 2005
Following are photos from a summer weekend trip to the
Monarch Crest, in Chaffee County, Colorado.

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Shuttle Lot After a relaxing night in a motel in Salida, we meet at the
High Valley Center Sinclair Station, near the intersection of
Highways 285 and 50 in Poncha Springs. From here, a
shuttle will transport us and our bikes to the trailhead at
the top of Monarch Pass.
Today's cast of characters, in alphabetical order:
Chris Long Dale Campbell Jay Reinhardt
Chris Dale Jay
Johnna Caruthers Lincoln Steward Matt Shaefer
Johnna Lincoln Matt
Monarch Pass Monarch Pass. Last time I was here, I had ridden to the top
on a bicycle. This time, we start at the 11,312 foot pass, and
climb up from here.
Idiot Check One last chance to make sure we have everything we need
for the ride.
Divide View This trail offers some amazing scenery. Here we are looking
over the west side of the Continental Divide.
Chris03 Chris02 So far the weather has been
beautiful, and everyone's
spirits are high.
This was a series of ten photos that were "stitched" together to create this panorama.
Chris05 Chris04 A few more scenic
photos before we
move on.
Singletrack We have climbed up high enough that we are above treeline.
Trees only grow in the mountains up to a certain altitude,
and above that is alpine tundra.
Lunchview This is the view looking to the north from where we
stopped to have lunch. It looks like there may be some
weather moving in.
Chris06 Chris Pose Chris, you are so
psyched to be here!
Hail Shelter Hail SHelter We had to hide under
a tree for about 15
minutes, due to weather.
Those white things on
the ground in the left
photo are hail stones!
The weather did clear up, but the previous moisture made for a muddy trail.
Mud Mud
Mud Mud Mud
Woods The trail has made its way back into the woods. Here's
Matt making his way around a set of corners.
Getting Close We're getting close to the end of the trail. We've seen all sorts
of trail terrain today, including steep hills, both up and down,
obstacle courses of rocks and roots, and one section where the
trail WAS the creek. It's always easier to stop to take photos
along nice rolling singletrack like you see here.
Video Chris recorded a 40 second video file on his digital camera. It is a 14MB MPG
file and may take time to download depending on your internet connection. Click
the box to the left to download, and when prompted, select "download to disk."
Remember where the file is saved so you can find it and play it from your computer.
Once downloaded, the file can be viewed using Windows Media Player or similar software.
End of the Line Chris powers his way out of the last section of trail
before we hit the pavement.
Good Ride This is a sign of a good ride. After 28 miles of mountain biking,
we're all still able to crack a smile. All that remains now is the
five mile coast on pavement back to the car... and the 3 hour
drive back to Denver.