2004 Summit County, COlorado
Following are photos from a mountain bike ride in Summit County, Colorado in Fall of 2004.
All photos courtesy of Willie Virtue.

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Balcony View Balcony View Balcony View
This trip, Bob's Condo in Dillon, Colorado, will serve as home base.
As always, we start with photos of the view from his third floor balcony overlooking Lake Dillon.
Condo View
The next morning, I used Willie's camera to shoot a series of photos from the balcony,
which Willie stitched together using computer software to create this panorama.
Breakfast Bob, Rob, and Ray at the breakfast bar. I can only assume
that they are at least partially hung-over, since they left
me in charge of cooking.
Driving to the Trailhead Bob, Rob, and I, in my truck on the way to the Williams Peak
bike trail. Willie and Ray are in Willie's car ahead of me.
Rob had to ride the rest of the way in the back of my truck
because Willie's car started scraping bottom with three people
in it on this rough dirt road.
Blue River Valley The view to the west from
the trailhead. Here we see
Green Mountain Reservoir
and the Gore Mountain
Range, looking across the
Blue River Valley.
Action Photos Action Photos A couple of "action photos"
of Ray and Bob blazing
down the trail through
the colorful Aspen trees.
Video Willie recorded a 20 second video file on his digital camera. It is a 6MB AVI
file and may take time to download depending on your internet connection. Click
the box to the left to download, and when prompted, select "download to disk."
Remember where the file is saved so you can find it and play it from your computer.
Once downloaded, the file can be viewed using Windows Media Player or similar software.
West View West View More views to the west, of
of Green Mountain Reservoir.
East View East View The view to the east...
East View
...looking across the Williams Fork River Valley
at the Continental Divide.
Avalanche Chute Often there are many trees abstructing the views of the valley
below. In this particular spot (where we took the 3 photos
above) there was a "clearing." We then realized why - we are
sitting in the middle of an avalanche chute, where most likely
a snow slide in recent years has wiped out most of the trees.
Gore Range From this saddle, or relative low point on the mountain ridge,
we get another clear view of the Gore Range, to the west.
It looks like the weather is starting to change.
Looking East Looking East And more views to the east,
of the Williams Fork Valley,
and the Continental Divide.
Time to Leave It is definitely snowing over the Gore Range, and moving this
direction. We better get out of here before it hits us.
Break Time Back at the trailhead. Our best estimate put us at about
11,000 feet in elevation at our highest point in the ride.
We definitely deserve a break - and a cold beer.
Playtime Playtime Of course I must play.
I needed to get my
4-wheeling time in.
Where's Willie? Oh, there he is. Where's Willie?

Oh, there he is. He forgot
to set the timer on that
first one.
Leaking On the dirt road back to civilization.
Back at the Condo Back at Bob's Condo. One last view of the Ten Mile Range
looking across Lake Dillon.