2004 Colorado Mini-Tour
Following are my father's photos from his visit to Colorado in Fall of 2004.

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Loveland Pass 1 Here's me on top of the Continental
Divide at Loveland Pass. The Divide is
the line at which all of the water to
its west eventually flows into either
the Pacific Ocean or the Sea of Cortez
(Gulf of California), and all the water
to its east ends up in the Atlantic Ocean
or the Gulf of Mexico.
Loveland Pass 2 My Dad's first time in Colorado. Be
careful, it's a little harder to breathe
at this altitude.
Loveland Pass 3 The view over the west side of the
Continental Divide of the road we
are about to travel down.
Loveland Pass 4 My Dad in front of the view to the
east side of the Continental Divide
of the road we just came up.
Condo 1 This is the wiew from my friend Bob's
Condo in Dillon, Colorado. The Condo
will serve as home base for the next
few nights. It's a lot nicer than my
apartment in Denver, and right in the
middle of the mountains.
Condo 2 The continuing view, looking just to
the right of the photo above.
Condo 3 My Dad, posing in front of the marina
on Lake Dillon
Trail Ridge 1 The western entrance to Rocky
Mountain National Park on the
Trail Ridge Road. If you look
close enough you may see the elk
Trail Ridge 2 Some more elk grazing.
Trail Ridge 3 Rocky Mountain National Park offers
a wide variety of spectacular views.
Trail Ridge 4 Thew views keep getting better as you
gain elevation driving along the Trail
Ridge Road.
Trail Ridge 5 This is the view back through the valley
where we saw the elk grazing.
Trail Ridge 6 Another stunning view of the mountains
above treeline.
Trail Ridge 7 These chipmunks will get really close,
but they move quickly and are hard to
Trail Ridge 8 Those clouds are moving in much faster
than you think. It's amazing how
quickly the weather can change high
up in the mountains.
Trail Ridge 9 My Dad and I at the top of Rocky
Mountain National Park.
Trail Ridge 10 We had better get out of here, fast,
before we get snowed in. Hopefully
it will only be raining when we get
to the bottom.
Trail Ridge 11 Down at the eastern entrance to the
Park. Here we see a herd of elk
bedding down for the night.
Trail Ridge 12 Another view of the elk herd.
Leadville 1 Leadville, Colorado. This is an old
mining town we pass through on the
way to Aspen.
Leadville 2 Another view of the mountains that
form Leadville's backdrop. We will
be riding through these same mountains
en route to Aspen.
Twin Lakes Twin Lakes, at the bottom of the road
over Independence Pass into Aspen.
The weather looks like it may be
getting questionable again.
Independence Pass 1 On top of Independence Pass. So far
we've only seen a little bit of
snow, so we're going to push on.
Independence Pass 2 After visiting Aspen, Colorado, we
headed back over Independence Pass.
The weather is starting to cooperate
a little bit more.
Independence Pass 3 Here's my Dad in front of the view
of the road we are about to drive
back down to Twin Lakes.
Independence Pass 4 One last shot of the view from
Independence Pass.
Buffalo Bill This is at the museum at Buffalo Bill's
Grave. Hold on tight, old man, that
horse has been known to throw people.
Pikes Peak 1 Here we are on the summit of Pikes
Peak. Beleive it or not, the weather
is actually quite nice at the bottom.
We were one of the last cars allowed
to drive all the way up before this
storm moved in and closed the road.
Pikes Peak 2 We better leave before they close the
road and we get stuck here. We were
actually invloved in a minor accident
on the drive down. What makes the
drive down Pikes Peak so scary is that
there are NO GUARD RAILS!
Pikes Peak 3 One minute - blizzard. Suddenly, the
snow stops, and the sun appears.
This is why people say, "Welcome
to Colorado: if you don't like the
weather, wait ten minutes."
Pikes Peak 4 Back at the bottom of the Pikes Peak
road. Doesn't it look as though those
rocks are going to slide off each
other and crush me?
Garden of the Gods 1 This is the entrance to Garden of
the Gods Park, in Colorado Springs.
This is land that was given to the
city with the stipulation that it
always remain open to the public
for free.
Garden of the Gods 2 Here's me climbing on the rocks.
Garden of the Gods 3 My Dad standing inside a massive stone
structure in Garden of the Gods Park.
Garden of the Gods 4 Some more climbing on the rocks in
Garden of the Gods.
Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame We just had to stop to get a photo of
the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame.
4-wheeling 1 There is a deer right in the center of
this photo. You have to look real hard,
but I assure you, it's there. This was
taken while 4-wheeling from
Georgetown to Idaho Springs.
4-wheeling 2 On top of Saxon Mountain on the
"back way" to Idaho Springs. Of
course it's snowing again.
4-wheeling 3 Another view of me in my truck on
top of Saxon Mountain. This is where
we stopped for lunch.
4-wheeling 4 More 4-wheeling views, of the snow
covered pine trees.
Truckers beware Interstate 70, travelling west into
Denver. This sign is no joke - driving
down some of these long, steep hills
can be treacherous.