Moab 2002
Following are photos from a mountain biking excursion to Moab, Utah, in Fall of 2002

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Condo View
This is the view from Bob's condo, what we woke up to Thursday morning.
Driving into Moab
The scenery keeps getting better, even through the windshield.
Bob-Slick Rock Lincoln-Slick Rock Ross-Slick Rock
Bob, Lincoln, and Ross on the Slick Rock Practice Loop.
Negro Bill's Canyon
Negro Bill's Canyon, as seen from the Slickrock Practice Loop.
Campsite 1
Our campsite, Friday morning.
Campsite view 1 Campsite view 2 Campsite view 3 Campsite view 4
Surveying the campsite area.
Campsite 2
Another view of the campsite.
Porcupine Rim Crew
The Porcupine Rim Riders, Friday morning.
Porcupine view 1 Porcupine view 2 Porcupine view 3
View from the top of the Porcupine Rim Trail.
Porcupine Crew at top
The Porcupine Rim crew at the top of the trail.
Klondike Crew 1
Klondike Crew 2
The Klondike Bluffs riders, Saturday morning.
Klondike 1 Klondike 2
Klondike 3 Klondike 4
At play on Klondike Bluffs.
Klondike 5 Klondike 6
Brad risked his life for these two great shots. My Hero!
La Salles 1
La Salles 2
The La Sals at sunset, seen from Arches National Park, Saturday.
Arches Sunset 1 Arches Sunset 2
Sunset in Arches National Park.
Balance 1 Balance 2
Balanced Rock, just after sunset.
Sunset 1 Sunset 2
More Arches sunset views.